Plastic Surgery: Paving the Way for Women on Payroll

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Plastic Surgery: Paving the Way for Women on Payroll

Almost 2 million women vanished from the workforce in March of 2020, resulting in a shecession that has only just begun to fade.  In fact, in March 2023, more than 77.8 million women were active in the US labor force, topping February 2020’s 77.6 million. 

Despite a large increase in labor participation, many women are struggling to get their feet back in the door.  Ageism is a significant barrier, with 61% of US workers over age 45 reporting instances of ageism.  Lookism is another problem, restricting women who do not embody societal beauty standards.  Both ageism and lookism can have measurable impacts on a woman’s ability to get hired, keep a job, and earn the wage she deserves. 

Other barriers include caregiving responsibilities and a lack of confidence.  Women often bear the brunt of childcare, both in terms of time, energy, and expenditures.  These pressures can make the return to the workforce implausible and exhausting.  To further complicate matters, many women struggle with confidence when they begin the job search; two in four women don’t feel confident about work, even if they have already procured a job. 

Luckily, there are solutions to make the transition into the workforce easier.  One of these solutions is plastic surgery, which can boost self esteem.  Many women are considering cosmetic procedures, whether they be liposuction, breast augmentations, or tummy tucks.  Procedures such as these can elevate a woman’s confidence, allowing her to focus on returning to payroll.