Technology Can Enable the Promotion of Wellness

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Technology Can Enable the Promotion of Wellness

Healthy living is a subject and topic that unfortunately has not gotten the attention it so deserves. According to health expert Helen Lee Schifter this has been a gross miscalculation on the part of members of the media, lawmakers and those fostering the culture we live in. Indeed there are ways that should be explored of raising awareness of the harm that neglecting the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle can inevitably have on someone’s physical and emotional health.

Instead, society has chosen to emphasize and especially highlight the need to be “successful” in professional and commercial contexts. These are indeed important; but these pursuits should certainly not be taken at the expense of caring about one’s health and wellness. So what are the means that can be used to promote a campaign about health and wellness to the masses and the general public?

Technology should absolutely be employed in order to reach not only older demographics of the populace, but also younger people. In order to reach these people, social and digital media need to be employed effectively. In today’s media environment, younger people especially are turning to the internet and the blogosphere in order to consume information and news. Helen Lee Schifter has an extraordinarily clear understanding of this.

The means and mechanisms which society chooses in order to emphasize the importance of health and wellness will absolutely have an effect on how seriously people choose to take these calls. As such, the media campaign needs to be done effectively – in a way that ensures that the information that’s disseminated is not only accurate and truthful; but also featured on outlets and platforms that are well-read by the target audience.