Technology Can Reform Industries for the Better

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Technology Can Reform Industries for the Better

Ken Kurson has worked with different technology platforms in his extensive career serving an array of different interesting industries. Technology can be a very constructive tool, if used in the proper manner. Like anything else in life, it  can also be used for less than positive purposes. But the key is to use technology to get a message out and across a variety of platforms to the widest audience possible. For this, technology can be a key ingredient in the success of a broad swathe of different social justice campaigns. If you have a program that you are looking to advance, and an agenda rooted in reform and positive change, technology can be immensely useful. 

Ken Kurson posits that this technological advancement has been a net-plus for many industries – especially the retail industry’s transition toward e-commerce. When you look at the Coronavirus pandemic for example, due to social distancing guidelines, people are justifiably frightened and concerned about physical contact. As such, what technology has provided them is a platform in the e-commerce world, to be able to purchase goods and inventory without the concern of physically engaging in commercial activity.

Before technological advancements and thereby prior to the existence of such unique and innovative tools, people had to go to brick and mortar stores in order to purchase clothing, products or any other form of inventory. Today, they can simply go online to Amazon and any other e-commerce platforms and handle the purchasing that way. Consistent with social distancing guidelines in the current Coronavirus environment that we find ourselves in, this affords people the opportunity to purchase goods and inventory while maintaining the peace of mind that they are in full compliance with social distancing guidelines. 

The e-commerce juggernaut and the development of the space is just yet another example of a constructive utility and value that is available to people based on technological innovation. And as we continue coping and adapting to the changing circumstances that the Coronavirus pandemic has wrought, these sorts of innovations are very helpful and beneficial. Indeed, some may argue that before technological advancement, the Coronavirus would have caused mass devastation the likes of which the world has never seen. 

In the absence of technology, there would also not be advancement and development as aggressively as we’ve seen in the healthcare space. The healthcare space as proven to be yet another industry that has been drastically affected in the most positive of ways, due to technology implemented in a way that expedites certain procedures. This has been a clear illustration of a way that technology has been meaningfully adapted and applied in a sector that has literally led to improving people’s lives and physical health. 

Ken Kurson shares this view and has been a passionate advocate of the need for technology to be employed as a constructive device in a diverse pool of different industries. If applied correctly, it  can have great reformative effects on whichever industry might be the target one. For example, there is an interest on the part of those in industries that are still using archaic and antiquated tools to transition to more contemporary methodologies. As has been proven by its application in the healthcare sector, technology should and can be relied upon in order to create the sort of transformative change that we can all appreciate.