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Technology Changing Events

Helen Lee Schifter has been an ongoing presence at many social receptions over the years. The events’ space has been totally devastated by the recent pandemic, and it’s obvious why. The changes that technology have brought to the events space haven’t all been taken into account in a responsible and managerial fashion. They should be; but they haven’t been.

According to Helen Lee Schifter, these changes need to come now. In some ways the Coronavirus pandemic will emphasize the need for these changes to be implemented. There needs to be an understanding of the changes and the ways that they are being brought about. In due time, if these changes take their course and are received in a responsible fashion, the events’ space will be the beneficiary of them.

But of course, if the status quo is maintained, we’re afraid that won’t be the case. One of the many aspects of the events’ space that technology has been a catalyst for, is streamlining the process of not only producing events, but also hosting them. For example, even greeting cards and the way they are transmitted and sent out has changed drastically. No longer do you need paper cards. No longer are envelopes or mail stamps needed.

Instead, there’s a need for communicating the message using technology platforms. This also is about environmental needs and being sure to preserve all the environmental protections imaginable. Without the usage of paper that inevitably ends up being thrown out, communicating invitations and others like it electronically, ensure that they get to the recipient in an expeditious fashion while ensuring a paperless environment.

There are other aspects of the events space that technology will continue transforming. The difference between any other industry or sector and the technology sector is the sheer speed at which the industry has moved – both in terms of advances, inventions and all the rest. The velocity at which things have changed and technology has literally transformed industries is tremendous. It’s time for the events space to start adapting accordingly.