Technology has Transformed the Real Estate Industry

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Technology has Transformed the Real Estate Industry

Shalom Lamm has been working in the real estate industry for the better part of the last three decades. The ways in which technology has transformed the industry can certainly not possibly be understated. Advances in the technology space has of course affected and transformed so many different industries; but the ways in which it has impacted the real estate industry have been rather remarkable.

There are investors like Shalom Lamm who maintain that these changes have actually been a net-positive; in terms of the new means of exposure residential and commercial listings now have to the public. These are certainly important facets and factors that need to be considered when analyzing these changes in a broader way.

When it comes to the work of real estate agents and brokers, the technological advances that have occurred have lent themselves very well to their industry and specialty. For instance, consider the ways brokers and agents normally pre-dating technological advances, would showcase apartments and their residential and commercial listings.

They would physically have to find ways of communicating the availability of their listings, along with the price tags associated with them. Of course, considering the enormous efficiency that comes with technology and the various platforms that have emerged and developed, this has streamlined the process for real estate agents, in an incredible way.

Now there are all sorts of digital outlets they are able to use to list their residential and commercial offerings for interested members of the public to see. Whether it be StreetEasy or other sites that showcase residential and commercial real estate listings in terms of availability, there are numerous ways brokers and agents and other salespeople can showcase availability inventory without having to manually approach people in the street and in other areas to share this information.

Of course, this not only makes their jobs easier; but it also in turn makes the lives of sellers far easier; as it simplifies the process and greatly increases the base and network of untapped buyers and interested consumers. So for both sides of the coin and for both aspects of the transaction, technology has truly streamlined the process – in terms of efficiency and beyond.

So of all the industries technology has affected, its impact on the real estate industry has unquestionably been felt in a remarkable number of ways. But those affects have been beneficial and constructive in the aggregate. There’s no questioning or doubting that. The future of the ways brokers and agents interact will continue to be streamlined through technology.