Technology is Changing the Media Industry

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Technology is Changing the Media Industry

Ken Kurson has been an advocate of democratization of the media for decades. There have been many changes to the traditional media model – some of which have literally redefined the ways in which consumers have been viewing and consuming their media and information. These changes have had several and substantive effects on the consumption patterns of audiences.

According to Ken Kurson and others, these changes will continue accelerating as we continue seeing an emergence of technology that spreads these changes. The changes are indeed rapid; but their velocity is also a function of the times in which we live. There’s no way of gauging what the future will hold for the media industry with all these changes, but there are ways for publishers, news properties and media outlets to anticipate changes and prepare accordingly.

One of the defining and distinguishing features of technology are the ways in which it can develop a thorough reaction to real world events. After all the greatest advents of the last century have all been a response to changes and a desire and hunger on the part of technological innovators to resolve issues in the most efficient manner possible.

One of the different ways that folks in the media world have done that is through the utilization of digital and social media platforms to get their messages and narratives across to their audiences. The changes that have come to this industry have engulfed many; and have impacted news channel and news properties’ staffs and the like.

But those properties that have been able to prepare for the changes have been able to harness their power in ways that have proven enormously beneficial for them and their businesses. Their publications and outlets have been able to use these changes in a way that allows them to harness creative energy to capitalize on the situation.

This has led to increased readership and viewership in many cases. There have been other benefits, such as the ways in which news outlets can now familiarize themselves with their audiences’ reading and viewing habits. Analyzing these patterns can be beneficial and extremely constructive for a whole litany of reasons, not the lease of which is then being able to produce valuable content in a way that’s better-informed.