Cloud-Based Tech Solutions to Streamline your Business

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Cloud-Based Tech Solutions to Streamline your Business

Living in this digital age, it’s hard to keep abreast with emerging technology and failing to do so could have a negative impact on your business. Business automation software has made giant strides, empowering businesses of all sizes by streamlining and automating certain processes and the cloud is the perfect platform to store all your critical data.

What is a Secure Cloud-Based Network?

If you talk to a tech company that provides managed cloud services, they can build the network according to your needs, and part of the package would be cyber-security, thus ensuring that your critical data is secure. Once complete, you need to ensure that all of your data is digitalised (the provider offers this service) then it can be uploaded onto the network, thus allowing authorised users full access. You need to create a hierarchy, a permission-based system that controls who has access to what, which means you have complete control over your data, with the network administrator holding full permissions.


Of course, you need to be certain that your critical data is being protected and by talking to you can find out about the many cloud-based services that are on offer. Part of the managed service is cyber-security and all patched and updates are automatically applied, and with penetrative testing, you can rest assured that your data is secure from hackers.

Authorised Access from Any Location

If, for example, you have a nationwide sales force that cover Australia, each member of the team has access to client data and they can create their own appointment schedule, updating in real time. There is no need for bulky software, as the user can access their data using a smartphone or tablet and a web browser.

Business Communications

Of course, every organisation needs to have good communication, and using VoIP and your cloud network, you and your staff can enjoy voice and video calls at any time and from any location. With your own dedicated network, you will have crystal clear reception and this is much cheaper than using traditional telecommunication networks that charge by the minute. VoIP can be used for both internal and external communication, plus the network administrator can record all calls and log information on call duration and location.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

You can keep an eye on all of your delivery vehicles, with data on route, stop-off locations, unscheduled stops and you can even monitor driver behaviour. This can transform your logistics and boost productivity, with improved route planning and real-time communication with drivers, allowing to make schedule changes.

If you would like to learn more about managed cloud services, talk to a leading provider who can show you the many benefits switching to the cloud offers, and with tailored solutions and round the clock support, your business will enjoy a new dimension in productivity. The above services are only a few of the powerful ways that you can use a managed cloud network that is designed around your business.