Technology is Changing

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Technology is Changing

Ken Kurson is someone who recognizes the changes taking place in so many industries; and especially the ways that technology is contributing to the democratization of a number of industries, including the media industry. Technology is developing at such an incredibly rapid pace that the changes that are happening are not all being accounted for.

According to Ken Kurson, this democratization of industry that technology is bringing about is a healthy and constructive development. Indeed through the lens of the first amendment, the bedrock of our country’s foundation and democratic republic, it is indeed a net plus.

But let’s also be conscious of the responsibilities that come with that development. Because these developments do carry added responsibilities for so many individuals, that need to brace for it . For instance, in the media industry there needs to be significant more regulation and oversight that is taken seriously by administrators and supervising producers of news properties, in order to ensure the content is properly regulated.

For this to be happen, there first needs to be a comprehensive understanding and even education where applicable to these supervisors and regulators of the importance of ensuring hate speech is not perpetuated in any way, shape or form using their medium.

This is indeed a process; but we believe strongly that there’s opportunity to be able to get to that point, with the proper acumen and prudent approach, taken. It needs to however be an intelligent approach. It needs to be one that is taken seriously and is not treated casually. Only then, will there be a serious understanding of the stakes in play.

American innovation is not only remarkable for what it has done for commerce; but also for what it has done to affect democratic change. There’s confidence that the public places in press barons, and the supervising producers and editors they put in place, to get this right. It’s paramount they do. It must be taken seriously; and they must expend proper amounts of resources to get it done. For if not, the consequences could be devastating.