Technology is Responsible for Change

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Technology is Responsible for Change

Helen Schifter recognizes the changes coming to industries nationwide. These changes have been expedited by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic in some ways. And this isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, it can be viewed through a very rather noble way and prism. Technological advancement is an area that has many proponents and supporters, and for good reason.

According to Helen Schifter, country prides itself on its capitalist approach to business – which goes hand-in-hand with changes in industry that are brought about through technological and other types of creative changes. Challenging the status quo is a healthy strategy from a commercial and industrial standpoint. It’s one that should be appreciated by observers that are both objective and subjective. Frankly, it’s something that should be championed by all.

Innovation and creativity also keeps people on their heels, which is such an important and substantial advancement and development. We can’t allow business titans to be complacent. If they are, they’ll stop persisting innovating. That’s not something that we should provide as an option. If we do, that will inevitably prove problematic for a variety of reasons.

The thriving of business and changes of industry are spurred by the idea of the need to develop and further strategize how to be different and change different spaces. Challenging the norm is the success in any industry. It’s healthy for us to have an environment that rewards innovation.

Rewarding innovation and achievement is imperative to ensuring America’s business community is appreciated but also sustainable to all. This innovation and cutting-edge approach will ensure businesses that otherwise would prove futile, will be able to last. The durability of business matters.

Let’s keep in mind that businesses are indeed people in the sense that they employ people, and are responsible for their paychecks and making payroll every two weeks. Often times, it’s easy to lose sight of that. So let’s reward those that innovate. Let’s consider the future of American commerce bright. Because, indeed it certainly is.