The Importance of Choosing the Best Small Business Printer

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The Importance of Choosing the Best Small Business Printer

Printers are often thought to be a thing of the past. Why would I need a printer if everyone has a screen on them at all times? But printers are not something to look down at. Printed paper has been proven to encourage longer attention spans in readers, as well as a stronger working memory when reading off a paper as compared to a screen. 29 lab studies found that readers will learn more when reading from paper than from screens. The printed word is also vital to businesses around the world. Law, auto, and healthcare companies print hundreds of pages per day and half of businesses say they cannot operate without a working printer. Printers are also key in the small business space, with 8 in 10 small businesses relying on printers for daily operations.

But printers break very commonly and when they do, small business owners are forced to respond by buying printers that can’t fit their needs. Small businesses already have a hard time finding reliable sources for office supplies, and finding a new business printer can take a very long time. The printers they buy in the meantime aren’t capable of the scale that many businesses need them to. With printer ink costing over $12,000 a gallon, this can quickly become a very expensive money sink for ink that can’t even be used to the correct printer when it arrives. 

Don’t let a bad printer slow down your business. Learn more about how to pick the best small business right printer and what printer best suits your needs below:

Stop Making Your Business Printer an Afterthought