The Importance Of Cleaning & Maintaining Your Motorcycle

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The Importance Of Cleaning & Maintaining Your Motorcycle

Many inexperienced motorcycle riders concentrate more on how the bike looks, and not about how the bike is performing. There are many things that the rider can do to keep their ride in great condition, and one of them is to make sure that they perform regular cleaning of the motorcycle. This will involve getting your hands a little wet and dirty, but the end results can really transform how your bike looks, and how it performs. There are many different kinds of cleaners on the market, that can help remove stubborn dirt and stains, and they are all available at your local dealership.

Maintenance is also essential, and if you’re not up to doing all of the maintenance yourself, due to inexperience, then there is always Wheels Honda, who can do the work for you. It’s always a good idea to get to know your motorcycle, and one of the best ways to do that, is to learn about the importance of regular checkups, and to use your motorcycle manual to guide you. While it’s quite easy to tell if a light switch is bad, being able to figure out other things about your bike, are a little bit more complex. The following are some tips to help you check out your bike, to ensure your safety.

  1. Check the oil – This is a very simple procedure, and can be done by checking the dipstick, which will indicate if you have enough oil in your engine. Your motorbike manual should tell you about the frequency of changing your oil, but it is recommended that you change your oil at least once a year. If you are a rider who goes on numerous long trips, then maybe, more frequency is required. Every time you get on your motorcycle to go somewhere, always check your oil. If you’re a little unsure about the level of the oil, you can always call into your local dealership for assistance.
  • The drive chain – This is a very important part of your motorcycle, and one in which you need to pay particular attention. This chain supplies the power from the engine to your back wheel, and if it isn’t properly taken care of, it can be quite dangerous. Try to get into the habit of lubricating your chain every time you go out on a long ride, and try to do it when the chain is still warm. This extra heat allows the oil to cover all of the chain, and it will protect its integrity. Also, be sure to check the tension of the chain. Once again, if you’re a little unsure about the procedure, then ask your local dealership. For more assistance about keeping your rights safe, there are government websites to assist you.
  • The tyres – It should be pretty straightforward to check the air pressure in your tyres, and most petrol stations have a digital machine, that can check it for you, and then top up the tyre, if it needs it. Be sure to check the tyre for signs of wear, especially on the walls of the tyre. Once the right air pressure is in your tyres, they will last you a lot longer.

The above maintenance tips, are generally things that you can do yourself, and this will save you time and money. However, to first learn about how it’s all done, you could take your bike into your local dealership, and watch what they do.