What You Need to Know About Window Installation

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What You Need to Know About Window Installation

It can cost a minimum of $1,000 to replace a single window, and up to $10,000 to make home repairs to new floors, drywall, and electric. Despite their price, windows are the last line of defense against damage and disaster. Therefore, having them installed properly and making the correct choices is paramount.

The key elements of a new window lie in the material. Wood, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, and the newest construction vinyl all possess different properties that offer certain advantages and disadvantages for the structure. The different window operations are another variable to take into consideration. The most common operations are single-hung, double-hung, and sliding. However, windows that close by pressing against the frame lower air leakage and increase energy efficiency.

The type of glass used for the window is also important. The double pane window can be up to 31% more energy efficient than the single pane window, and the triple pane up to 48% more energy efficient. Utilizing gas fills and spacers in a window is common, using gasses like argon and krypton for affordable and thermal benefits. Window coatings are also something to take into consideration, considering that 98 million homes in the United States are classified as under-insulated.

The cost of improper insulation is significant, as even minor cracks and gaps can cause problems that go unnoticed. These issues lead to costly energy loss each year in homes all across the country. However, there is a tremendous potential for savings when windows are installed the correct way. Companies across the country are working to improve the experience and reliability of window installation, for the greater good of homeowners everywhere.