Helen Schifter on Technology Promoting Wellness

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Helen Schifter on Technology Promoting Wellness

Helen Schifter has been an outspoken advocate of the need for the health and wellness industries to embrace the tremendous amounts of change that are transpiring all around us, in so many different ways. Technology has indeed affected so many different industries – not only in terms of the way those industries are commercially operating, but also in terms of the ways in which consumers are able to interact with retailers.

According to observers like Helen Schifter, these changes have been a net-plus in the aggregate and when viewed in such terms, the changes can certainly be appreciated. But why aren’t we collectively using the emerging technology platforms that have developed over time as a source of goodwill to engage our nation’s youth in this important conversation.

It is frustrating to see the opportunity that technology has afforded so many and yet squandering the constructive opportunities and import that it could be employed for, which we simply haven’t utilized properly. The changes that have taken place as a result, have not been productive.

Instead, we should be looking to advocate for a movement that’s ushered in seeking to enlighten the public (with a special emphasis on certain demographic groups, such as our nation’s youth), of the importance of health and wellness, and why it ought to be prized, appreciate and valued over all else.

So how can one go about leading such a movement? There shouldn’t be one singular leader for such a movement. Instead, it should be a coterie of different influencers who are carefully selected and curated according to their popularity with certain groups and demographics.

This should be done in a surgically focused manner to ensure that opportunity is maximized. We want to ensure and be clear to elucidate the fact that health and wellness cannot be taken for granted any longer. There needs to be ample effort invested into ways that one can engage with healthier aspects and facets to a properly-led lifestyle.

There are all sorts of ways such an influencer-driven campaign can be mounted. But however it’s done, it must use digital and social media platforms in order to ensure the largest and widest audience possible is on the receiving end of the valuable information that is being spread and communicated. Only then, will there be considerable effect and impact.