What to Know About Chatbots and How They Are Used

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What to Know About Chatbots and How They Are Used


Chatbots are widely used today to help businesses grow and flourish. But what are chatbots? How are they used and how do they work? Read on to learn all that and more. Here is what you should know about chatbots and how they are used.


What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program that technically mimics human conversation to respond to customer inquiries. The chatbot is ready to welcome and assist customers or leads whenever they contact you through any channel. Additionally, if necessary, they can assist the clients in submitting a service request, sending an email, or connecting to live agents. You would be correct if this makes you think of a telephone customer service number where you can select the options based on your needs. Even though it’s a very basic chatbot, that phone tree is still a chatbot. Modern chatbots accomplish the same task by conversing with customers via text, voice, or a combination of the two.


How are chatbots used today?

Chatbots are primarily used to improve customer experience by providing cost-effective, 24/7 customer support. Chatbots are now being used by businesses to assist internal clients with routine tasks and knowledge sharing. Alternatively, you can ask a chatbot for information about a procedure or product rather than sifting through hundreds of pages of documentation. You can also use chatbots to run virus scans instead of waiting for an IT support person to arrive at your desk. Some businesses, like Amazon, have chatbots to give order information to customers that may be experiencing problems. Companies are now using Chatbots to provide their employees quick access to company policies and procedures as well.


Different kinds of chatbots to know about

Chatbots come in a variety of varieties and levels of technological sophistication. Here are a few of the most well-known types:


  1. AI-powered chatbots: These bots can understand user input and easily navigate complicated human conversations thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP).


  1. Social media chatbots: These bots are made to communicate with users on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. They can assist companies in communicating with clients, responding to inquiries, and even making sales.


  1. Customer service chatbots: These bots are made to provide customer service. Customers can get help from them with tasks such as billing, product information, and technical support.


  1. E-commerce chatbots: These bots are made to assist online shoppers. Customers can use them to browse products, assess prices, and make purchases too.


  1. Generative AI chatbots: Based on user input, these bots create responses using machine learning algorithms.


  1. Voice chatbots: Natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition technology are used by these bots to properly understand spoken language and give appropriate responses.


  1. Rules-based chatbots: To create conversation automation flows, these bots use conditional if/then logic.


These are only a few examples of the various kinds of chatbots that are presently available.


End Note

Today’s businesses rely heavily on chatbots because chatbots provide affordable solutions for improving customer experience and streamlining internal operations. Future chatbots are likely to be more advanced and intelligent as AI and NLP technologies advance.